The Pittsburgh Innovation District is a dynamic, dense, connective pulse of innovation rooted in the world-class research of Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh, and UPMC, situated in the heart of Pittsburgh’s compact landscape, and following its tradition of inventive grit. The Innovation District unites vital research, talent, technology, and an entrepreneurial spirit with the support, culture, amenities, and capital that allow innovators to thrive.  


What Pittsburgh Offers:


Spent on Corporate & Gov’t R&D

The most innovative technological advances in our nation come from the many corporate research & development offices in Pittsburgh - including GE, Uber, Apple, Google, PPG, Caterpillar, Intel, and more.

University of Pittsburgh


Active Students in University

Education is a core element of Pittsburgh's heartbeat by having over 168,000 active students as a part of the 35 colleges and universities within our region. We pride ourselves in developing an educated workforce.


Acres of Parks & Recreation

We thrive with residents who prefer living an active lifestyle - Pittsburgh offers 15,000+ acres of public parks, 400+ miles of trails, and 24 state parks within 100 miles of downtown.

Innovation Economy Snapshot

Pittsburgh has built a solid foundation by developing a growing and robust economy that includes the following...

10 Counties, 2.6M population, $139B GDP
Civilian Labor Force: 1.28M+
Medium Home Price: $135k

Special Industry Clusters: Automation, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Life Sciences, Advanced Manufacturing

Technology Presence in Pittsburgh: Apple, Amazon, Google, Uber, Microsoft, Oracle, Argo AI, Facebook-Oculus, Philips Respironics, IBM, Duolingo, General Electric, Caterpillar, Bosch, Target, and YELP. 

Venture Capital Activity: $3.5B Investment over the past 10 years. VC activity per year has increased from $300M in 2013 to $685M in 2017.

Real Estate: $3.5B in development projects in and adjacent to Oakland, $4.7B under development in Downtown. 


Welcome to our Innovation District

"The Pittsburgh Innovation District unites our history of reinvention and our future of innovation into a platform to spearhead a new model of urban growth and development that is inclusive and sustainable. Join us and be a part of Pittsburgh’s rise as a global innovation city and an economy built for all.”

- Mayor William Peduto


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Pittsburgh is a world-class and innovative city that offers a seemingly endless amount of opportunity. However, we know that we can't do it alone. Like decades before, our region is built by the millions who make it their priority to collaborate and help one another. Join the Innovation District team and the ecosystem at large in creating an thriving environment.


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