UPMC and Pitt Launch Genome Center to Advance Precision Medicine and Immunotherapy

High-throughput, CLIA certified, industrial-scale sequencing center established in the heart of Pittsburgh’s technology hub

(PGH – 6/26/2018) The UPMC Genome Center, established with funding from the recently announced UPMC Immune Transplant and Therapy Center (ITTC) and the Institute for Precision Medicine at UPMC and Pitt, will provide clinicians and researchers access to a large-scale genomics facility that has undergone rigorous validation testing and has obtained Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certification required to conduct clinical research and diagnostics. The Genome Center is the largest and only CLIA-certified, high-throughput whole-genome sequencing center in Pennsylvania.

The center allows researchers and physicians to take advantage of rapid advances in genome sequencing, a process that reads the string of letters in DNA molecules that make up our genetic code.  These advances have led to new ways of diagnosing diseases and created the emerging field of precision medicine where treatments are tailored to each individual’s unique genetic makeup.

John Quayle